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Critical Access Hospitals/Hospital Operations and Management Services

CMI has extensive experience managing and operating Critical Access Hospitals. In doing so, we have demonstrated our ability to re-open previously closed facilities and turn around cash flow, compliance and patient outcomes. Our management team has experience in all aspects of Critical Access Hospital designation, operation, and management. We bring quality Emergency and/or Acute Care Services as well as Rural Health Clinics to smaller communities, thereby creating a symbiotic relationship between CMI and the community.

CMI is dedicated to becoming part of the community. Part of our management philosophy is to restore quality opportunities for the local healthcare providers who may have had to leave the area to find suitable employment.

Companies and facilities operated by CMI have consistently grown in size and continue to improve the quality and number of services they offer. Among other improvements, we have implemented state-of-the-art radiological services such as X-Rays and CT scans through the integration of sophisticated imaging systems and facility modifications. We understand how important it is for a community to be able to receive care and services locally, and we are committed to providing additional services as demand, need and community growth warrant them. CMI also introduces state-of-the-art information management systems to enhance patient care and streamline billing, claims processing and follow-up.