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Re-Opening Facilities

CMI has re-opened many facilities, including two hospitals and a Rural Health Clinic. Opening closed facilities requires a substantial investment of both capital and time. Recovering that investment requires expert management of the billing and payment processing, a service CMI provides.

  • Relationships: CMI has excellent relationships with financial institutions and can assist in the raising of capital.
  • Recruitment: CMI is highly experienced with recruiting and subsequent staff relocation if required. CMI believes that the majority of displaced healthcare workers would prefer to work in their home community rather than travel long distances to find suitable employment, and we generate strong campaigns to hire these professionals.
  • Legal Experience: CMI’s legal staff knows the regulatory minefields and how to navigate through them. Our experience offers substantial savings in time and funds in obtaining the required licenses and credentials for our companies and facilities.
  • IT Systems: CMI’s Information Systems team is experienced in the integration of new facilities into our existing processing environment, offering quality and seamless control of financial data.
  • Administration: CMI’s Facility Administration team readies the many departments and services needed on day one of operations. Our experience can minimize problems and enhance service opportunities on opening day.