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Information Systems

Keeping information secure and reliable is paramount for the industries we manage. Whether the information is patient records, care data, billing or claim data, we use a wide range of sophisticated software and hardware in our data acquisition process. Our companies and facilities communicate to centralized, secure database servers dedicated to Skilled Nursing Facility and Hospital environments.

    • VPNs and Secure Networks: Our facilities use firewall-secured Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) over high-speed connections using a number of transmission protocols to deliver patient care information and radiology and imaging data.
    • Security: Privilege-based computer systems protect and secure each patient’s information in compliance with HIPAA regulations.
    • Reliability: Our systems have a proven record of high reliability and uptime.
    • Integration: In the event of acquiring a new facility, CMI’s Information Systems will be integrated into the existing systems.
    • New Systems Design: In the event of new construction, CMI will design the infrastructure required for a secure, state-of-the-art information management system.
    • Redundancy: CMI operates redundant Internet connectivity and maintains separate networks for diagnosis data.


  • HIPAA Computer & Data Requirements: Federal HIPAA regulations. 45CFR Parts 160, 162, & 164.
  • Application and Data Criticality Assessment: Each CMI facility performs a review of its critical infrastructure to be documented, copied and stored off-site.
  • Contingency Planning: Our superb contingency plan allows us to prepare for storms like Hurricane Katrina and return to full operational capacity shortly afterward.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: CMI holds several different plans to cover multiple events. CMI maintains off-site data backups and copies of core business software and maintains support contracts with major vendors to ensure the availability and reliability of our Information Systems.
  • Off-Site Data Backup Plan: Patient and business data are backed up to a secure off-site location on a daily basis. CMI integrates a rigorous backup methodology including daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly backups.