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Healthcare Legal Services

Healthcare management offers a unique set of challenges, rules and regulations. Our legal staff has decades of combined experience in the healthcare industry, managing the requirements needed to meet the varying specifications of interested agencies.

Permits and Regulations: CMI works with Federal and State Regulatory Agencies to:

    • Obtain Certificates of Need and Rural Critical Access Hospital designations
    • Obtain all licenses, permits, designations and contracts required by all regulatory agencies whether it be local, state and/or federal governing bodies
    • Maintain compliance with all laws and regulations related to the operation of healthcare and health-related facilities

Legal Advice: CMI’s legal department frequently advises companies and facilities managed by CMI on issues involving:

    • Compliance with HIPAA and EMTALA
    • Standards regarding skilled nursing facilities
    • Fair Labor Standards Act and employment law
    • Contract law
    • Issues involving power of attorney and conservatorships
    • Medical record requests
    • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts
    • Federal and State administrative law procedures involving CON’s
    • Federal and State survey procedures
    • Appellate procedures related to all levels of litigation
    • Successful case litigation

Staying Current: CMI’s legal staff participates in employee training programs on various legal or legal-related issues such as:

  • Unemployment hearings
  • Workers’ compensation matters
  • Policy writing, implementation and interpretation