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Business Office Operations

At CMI we believe that the business office is one of the most important administrative departments within a facility. Our team of managers, accountants and systems analysts is able to assist business office managers and key staff members by training, monitoring, auditing and assisting facility staff in all aspects of the following key areas:

  • Billing and accounts receivable management
  • Management of days in A/R and analysis of accounts to maximize collection processes
  • Facility cash management
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Charge Master periodic review and implementation
  • Trust Fund and petty cash audits
  • Financial statement reporting and bookkeeping assistance
  • Accounts payable processing
  • Admission process in order to ensure facility compliance and necessary billing documents are obtained
  • Payroll processing to include auditing the hiring, counseling and termination process, reviewing the personnel files and overseeing the pay cycle processing
  • Quarterly and annual payroll reporting
  • Benefits administration to include major medical, 401K, cafeteria plans, etc.
  • Management of the Workman Compensation Program
  • Year-end cost reporting issues and data requests for Medicare and Medicaid
  • Medicare bad debt compliance and reporting

At CMI our goal is to develop and oversee a highly trained business office staff capable of addressing the needs of the company/facility within the limited daily time constraints. We believe that the keys to success are to have adequate policies and systems in place, provide effective ongoing training, and develop a cross-trained team approach while maintaining accountability of individual members of the business office staff.