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CMI is dedicated to providing outstanding leadership in the operations and management of healthcare and health-related companies and facilities.

CMI offers outstanding organizational skills to provide professional resources for healthcare and health-related companies and facilities, including:

  • Opening, re-opening and turning around poor-performing companies/facilities
  • Accounting, reimbursement, cost reporting, budgeting and tax planning services
  • Federal and state Standards of Compliance and survey consultings
  • Management services to current facilities (full scope and limited scope)
  • Construction project management
  • All legal and business services required for the successful operation of health-related companies and facilities
  • Advertising and marketing services
  • Risk management
"As with each of our managed facilities, we work as your expert partner…as an extension of YOU…to achieve your goals."
-Team CMI

We Manage

CMI has more than two decades of successful experience in managing/consulting with Critical Access Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Clinics, ICFs/MR, Alzheimer’s Units, Rural Health Clinics, Ambulance Services, and a variety of other health-related entities.

Our Services

CMI has a proven track record of providing quality healthcare and services as our primary mission. We are able to provide services in management, advertising and marketing, healthcare legal services, information systems, opening/re-opening facilities and financial systems. Being a good steward of the resources we have the opportunity to manage is vital to those we serve.

Meet Our Team

CMI has a team of professionals from all disciplines employed full-time to provide support and resources to our managed facilities and health-related companies. Our team has the experience and expertise to accomplish all our goals and revolutionize the healthcare industry.